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Why Choose to Use an Agent?

Real estate can be complicated and intricate, and when it comes to buying or selling your home it is no small matter. Imagine putting a 1,000 piece puzzle together without the finished picture to use as a reference. Now imagine you have a strict deadline on when to complete it, and in which order the pieces must be put in. Do you think you would be able to complete it on time, efficiently, and without mistakes? Would it be stressful? Now imagine that puzzle represented one of the largest and most expensive purchases of your entire lifetime!
Buying and selling your home is a serious transaction, with serious emotional and financial attachment. This is why it is essential to use representation from a qualified, experienced, and caring Real Estate Agent. Here are six reasons why using an agent is important for both buyers and sellers:

1) Education & Experience

Real estate agents go through many hours of training and classes just to be licensed in their state. In addition, agents are required to complete annual continuing education, and some even obtain other certifications and titles which require even more training. Accompany this with years of experience and it means that your real estate agent is a pro. They have taken the dive into the real estate world and have studied and obtained valuable real-life experience, which will help you avoid major pitfalls in your transaction. A good agent with solid experience and a good reputation will guide you smoothly through the process and offer you objective information and opinions, all while adhering to a very strict code of ethics.

2) They have the best searching power

There are many user-friendly websites that anyone can use to search for a home. However, none are as powerful as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is where these websites pull their information from, often several hours or even days after it has originally been listed for sale. This means that in a fast paced market, buyers that do not use an agent are at a huge disadvantage as homes may be sold before you can even see that they are available, and seller’s homes won’t even be viewed by the thousands of buyers solely using the MLS. Additionally, public websites may even have homes that have been off the market for quite some time, further wasting your time and effort. When it comes to efficient and accurate search power, your real estate agent can help you.

3) Market Conditions Information

How do you figure out where to price your home? How do you know how much you want to offer on a home? Using an agent can minimize the fear in selling too low or buying too high. Again leaning on their knowledge and experience, they can create a very detailed and accurate Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which will show you homes that have sold recently in a given area or neighborhood. They also will take into account recent market trends, hidden costs (often overlooked by someone buying or selling on their own), and other neighborhood knowledge that may affect pricing. Doing things accurately in this stage can make or break thousands of dollars!

4) Negotiation Skills

It’s hard to negotiate when you don’t have all the information and options. On top of honed negotiating skills, your agent will provide you with all the facts, information, and options you have during the negotiating process. They’ll guide you through the pros and cons of each decision, lay out specific courses of action, and nudge you in the right direction based on their past experiences. Once you have been presented with all the necessary information and made an educated decision, your expert negotiator agent will go to work and communicate with the other parties involved. It’s important to remember that a good agent should never make the final negotiating decision for you; their job is more like a GPS to guide you in the right direction, and re-calculate a course if circumstances change.

5) Handling Volumes of Paperwork

Agents work as buffers between not just you and the other buyer or seller, but also between you and your lender, inspector, appraiser, title company, other agents, and much more. A real estate contract in and of itself is typically very long and complex, and it encompasses several moving parts during the transaction. A quality agent can help you manage the mountains of paperwork and deadlines without being overwhelmed. From the start they can recommend quality companies which they have used in the past and trust to get things done accurately and on time. For example, choosing a quality lender that communicates and completes tasks within a deadline can prevent a major headache such as not closing or time or even worse, losing the deal!

6) Care After Closing

A good agent doesn’t just disappear after you’ve closed on your new home, or sold one, and they are available if anything comes up in the future. Looking for someone to replace the toilet and fix the broken garbage disposal? Your agent has likely worked with several quality contractors. Thinking about adding an addition and wondering if it is worth the money and will add value to your home? Call your agent, they can go over the project and its numbers to make sure you are spending your money wisely. Remember that your agent is your partner for the long-term; use them as a resource for anything real estate, they LOVE to hear from you!


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